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Vending Machine Supplies

Refilling your vending machines with low-cost, high-quality supplies is a never-ending task. After your gumball machines, crane machines, or soda/snack machines have paid for themselves many times over, you'll still be spending money to refill them with bulk vending machine supplies. In the long run, having access to inexpensive supplies is even more important than having access to inexpensive machines.

Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. is one-stop shopping for all your vending business needs. We sell everything you'll need to succeed in the world of vending, from candies, nuts, and gumballs, to Super Balls, stickers, and toys. We also sell filled 1.1" and 2" capsules, as well as empty capsules and bulk toys.

We sell two varieties of 2" filled capsules: 25? capsules, and 50? capsules. The 50? capsules include many hip, brand name items, like Homies, Justice League, Looney Tunes, Megaman, Strawberry Shortcake, and SpongeBob SquarePants. Consider this: the giant companies that own the copyrights for these characters have spent billions of dollars creating name recognition, which you get to capitalize on for free.

By selling brand name items like Digimon or WCW, or selling items that tie into entities like the NHL, Stanley Cup, or Nickelodeon television network, you'll attract customers already loyal to these entities. Kids are very loyal to their favorite characters, networks, and companies. By selling items like Family Guy ceramic cups or Scooby-Doo magnets, you can benefit from this loyalty.

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