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Vending Machine Stands

Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. sells absolutely everything you'll need to succeed in the vending business, including vending machine stands. The right vending machine stands can transform your existing machines. For instance, if you already own several Beaver gumball machine heads, but you want to expand in order to sell capsules, temporary tattoos, or stickers in the same location, the right stand is crucial.

A Six Unit Heavy Duty Step Stand will allow you to sell six, discrete items from a single, attractive unit. The more items you sell, the more money you are apt to make. Why sell gumballs or nuts alone, when you can sell gumballs, candies, nuts, tattoos, Thumb Wrestlers, and Super Balls? Purchasing the right stand is the easiest and most convenient way to expand your vending business, location by location.

Consider the aesthetics of your stand before purchasing. Chrome may cost a little bit more than black painted metal, but it can also be much more attractive. Shiny chrome provides a perfect backdrop for bright red or yellow machine heads with chrome detailing. Furthermore, the more attractive your units are, the more likely store owners are to welcome them into the lobbies of their shops.

We also sell a Two Unit Wood Stand that has a totally unique look. The vending machine industry is very oriented in metal and glass, making wood an unexpected and attractive choice in stands. Although this stand retails for $57.99, we sell it for less than $50.

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