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Vending Candy

What are a few smart rules you can follow for vending candy successfully? How can you make the most money given a limited number of machines? First, we recommend that you fill your machines with vending candy that customers recognize and love. Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. sells all the brand-name candies that customers like best.

We sell Tiny & Tart Jawbreakers, Runts, Imperials, Spree and Chewy Spree, Hot Tamales, Mike-n-Ikes, Gourmet Jelly Beans, Boston Baked Beans, Mentos, M&M Peanut, M&M Plain, Skittles, as well as hundreds of different styles of gum, gumballs, and candies. Filling your machines with recognizable candies that customers love is the first step to vending candy successfully.

Machine placement is also important. You may hear several "No's" for every "Yes" you hear, but don't let this discourage you. If you are having difficulty finding storeowners or managers who will allow you to vend candy or other products on their property, consider affiliating yourself with a charity. Many storeowners who would otherwise refuse you will welcome you and your vending machines if you give a percentage of the profits to a charity they respect.

Once you are given permission to place a vending machine within a store or its lobby, strategize the smartest possible placement for that machine. Consider placing your machine near the restrooms, by an entrance or exit, near a cash register, or close to an ATM machine. The more traffic which passes by your machine, the better.

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