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Tattoo Vending Machines

Like Super Balls, stickers, and gumballs, temporary tattoos are perennial vending machine favorites. As real tattoos have become increasingly popular with rock stars, celebrities, and ordinary adults alike, kids have become even more interested in temporary tattoos. Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. sells a wide variety of fun tattoos, from Digimon tattoos for kids, to Dios Religious tattoos, to Belly Button & Lower Back Tattoos.

If you're able to, you may want to sell different tattoos to appeal to different customers. Say you have three heads devoted to selling tattoos; you may want to reserve one head for female-oriented tattoos, one for male-oriented tattoos, and one for kid-oriented tattoos. Of course, if you don't have three heads to devote exclusively to tattoos, you can experiment to see which types of tattoos are your best sellers.

You can also try mixing up the different styles of tattoos so that customers don't know what they're getting until it falls into their hands. The element of surprise is very appealing to many customers; customers who wouldn't bother spending a quarter or 50? on a particular style of tattoo will gladly spend that amount of money just to "see what they get."

Check back in with us often to see what types of tattoos Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. is currently selling. At any given moment, we may sell up to a dozen different styles. Look for classics like Old School Rules Tattoos, Dragon Empire Tattoos, and Animal Temporary Tattoos, as well as newcomers, like Celestial Temporary Tattoos.

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