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Pop Vending Machines

Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. sells a complete range of vending machines, from inexpensive gumball machines to high-tech pop machines. Our pop vending machines, snack machines, and soda/snack combo machines blend exceptional quality with terrific value. Our soda pop and snack machines also represent a full range of styles, from simple and inexpensive machines like the BV155, to the Cadillac of pop machines, the VS3800.

Remarkably, the BV155 sells for under $1,000. If this is your first time shopping for pop vending machines, you may initially be surprised by how much more expensive they are than gumball machines or bulk product machines. Certainly, a BV155 soda machine requires more of an initial investment than a $50 Beaver gumball machine--but its return on investment is far greater.

Soda machines, snack machines, ice cream machines, and soda/snack combination machines are very, very lucrative. If placed in a busy office complex, a single combo machine can handle dozens if not hundreds of customers per day. If you've used vending as a part-time job in the past and are now ready to make it your full-time job, buying a soda machine is almost a must.

The BV155 is an easy "first machine" to maintain. It offers a selection of five different sodas, and has the capacity to hold a whopping 155 cans. You may want to start out by placing this machine by itself; later, when you can afford to buy a second machine, you can stack a CA9 or CA18 snack machine on top of it to create a DIY combo vending unit.

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