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New Vending Machines

Many vending machine distributors specialize in "reconditioned" machines--reconditioned being a euphemism for used. At Gulf Coast Vending, we believe in selling only brand-new vending machines. We could easily carry a separate line of used vending machines, bill changers, or crane machines, but we don't. We strongly believe that new vending machines are the only machines worth selling.

After all, your customers demand reliability. If your beat-up, old bill changer is continuously flashing its "Out of Order" light, or your soda/snack machine regularly stops just shy of releasing its snacks, you're bound to lose customers. Reliability is a must in the vending machine business; with no sales associate or counterperson to help mitigate technical problems, a faulty machine will inevitably lose you customers. Of course, it will also lose you a great deal of money, both in the short and long term.

If you have old vending machines that don't work as well as they should, it's time to replace them--and why on earth would you want to replace them with used machines? "Reconditioned" or not, used machines suffer from the same deficiencies that convinced you to get rid of your current machines in the first place.

At Gulf Coast Vending Service Co., we sell only the most reliable and easy-to-use vending machines, all of which are brand new. Gulf Coast Vending owner Richard Houp has been in the vending machine business for 45 years. With his decades of experience, he has learned which manufacturers produce winners and which produce lemons. We're committed to selling only the best.

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