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Gum Ball Machines

When people start out in the vending machine business, they often begin with gumball machines. Richard Houp, owner of Gulf Coast Vending Service Co., started out in the vending business in 1960, when he himself purchased a few gumball machines. Gumballs lead to sodas; sodas lead to sandwiches and hot foods; and before he knew it, Richard's "Garden State Vending Service Co." had grown so successful that it was acquired by a division of the Pepsi-Cola Co.

In other words, a gumball machine can be a real springboard to success. Because they can be placed in locations like restaurants and shops (rather than offices), gumball machines can often be maintained on a part-time basis. If you work a nine to five job and simply own a few gumball machines to earn extra income, then working weekends may be just what you need. Gumball machines (or candy/nut machines) are quite easy to maintain.

The more successful you are at placing gumball machines, the more money you will make. Some vendors find it helpful to affiliate with a charity. Many restaurants or shops which wouldn't normally be interested in hosting your gumball machine will agree to it if you give some of your profits to a worthy cause. Everybody wins with this formula: you, your customers, and the charity.

Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. sells dozens of different types of gumball machines. These machines can be used to sell gum, nuts, candy, Super Balls, or even small (1.1") capsules. Capsules can be filled with a wide range of bulk toys, tattoos, and trinkets, which we also sell. Whether you're interested in buying a gum ball machine head, a stand, a combination machine, or the bulk products to refill them, Gulf Coast Vending has what you need.

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