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Food Vending Machines

Food vending machines can be very lucrative for the entrepreneurs who own and maintain them. Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. owner Richard Houp started out in the vending business 45 years ago. Back then, his company was called Garden State Vending Service Company. Richard and his employees maintained machines that sold snacks, sodas, hot food, sandwiches, ice cream, and more. After selling Garden State Vending to Hesco Vending, a division of the Pepsi-Cola Company, in the 1980s, Richard moved to Florida and opened up Gulf Coast Vending Service Co.

Having sold ice cream, snacks, sandwiches and more himself, Richard understands the importance of using reliable machines that are easy to maintain. He draws on his decades of experience to select only the best quality machines with the most affordable price tags, then sells them for even less than the suggested retail price. We know that reliability, value, quality, and convenience are important to our customers, so they're important to us.

Some of our machines sell snacks, some sell beverages, and some sell a combination of the two. Combination machines like the Elite Series HF2500
Snack/Soda Combo Electronic Vendor require a larger initial investment than simpler machines that just sell sodas or just sell snacks, but they are usually much more lucrative. Customers often want a soda to wash down their chips or pretzel snacks, and combination machines provide them with both products.

Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. also sells more unusual machines, like the Frozen Food Vendor Model WDB950 and the Ice Cream Vendor Model WDB955. With a total capacity of 244 items, and the ability to sell 36 different types of items, this machine is perfect for offices and college campuses. Place a microwave oven next to your Frozen Food Vendor, and watch the profits roll in.

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