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Empty Vending Capsules

Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. sells absolutely everything you'll need to succeed in the vending machine business, including plenty of affordable, empty vending capsules. Choose from two different styles: the 1.1" empty capsules, and the 2" empty capsules. We have all the goodies you'll need to fill up your empty capsules with eye-catching trinkets and treats.

We sell "generic" toys, as well as all the promotional and character toys that kids love. We sell Batman mini busts, SpongeBob stickers, Homies figurines, Digimon pins, Shark Tale figurines, and more. For sports lovers, we sell NHL hockey goalie masks and NHL yo-yos. Little boys and big boys alike love pro wrestling, so we sell bags of awesome, painted WCW thumb wrestlers.

With so many great choices, you may want to think about investing in a multiple unit capsule machine, like the Double Big-Pro Toy Vendors with Chrome Stand. Having two heads will allow you to market to different tastes. For instance, one head can be filled with WCW Thumb Wrestlers (most popular with boys), and the other head can be filled with Happy Bunny keychains (most popular with girls).

At Gulf Coast Vending Service Co., we also sell plenty of filled capsules. If you don't want to waste the time or energy filling your own capsules, our filled capsules are an extremely convenient choice. We sell 1.1" filled capsules, as well as 50? 2" filled capsules and 25? 2" filled capsules.

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