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Coin Sorters

If the vending machines you maintain only accept quarters, then you may only need a coin counter. However, if your machines accept nickels, dimes, pennies, or dollar coins in addition to quarters, you'll want to buy a coin sorter. Coin sorters will aid you in counting your money, while organizing each denomination into its own, discrete storage tube.

We think Downy-Johnson manufactures some excellent coin sorters. Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. sells several different types of Downy-Johnson coin sorters, all brand new and fully warrantied. Choose from the Downy-Johnson Standard Count Coin Counter, the Downy-Johnson Fast Count Coin Counter, the Downy-Johnson Electric Count Coin Counter, or the fantastic Downy-Johnson Electric Fast Count Coin Counter.

If you work in the vending business, these machines are a must. If you are close to someone in the vending business, like your husband or wife, son or daughter, sibling or parent, then consider a coin sorter to be the ultimate gift. You can show your loved one that you support his or her entrepreneurial ambitions by giving him the unique gift of a coin sorter or coin counter.

Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. is owned by Richard Houp, who has been in the vending business for more than 45 years. With his decades of experience, Richard knows quality. You can count on Gulf Coast Vending to sell only the speediest, highest quality, most reliable coin sorters and coin counters in the business.

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