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Coin Counters

Vending is one of those rare businesses that is based almost entirely on cash. Folks who run their own successful vending machines businesses have to deal with enormous volumes of coins. Similarly, those in the Laundromat or car wash business have to deal with very high volumes of one, five, and ten dollar bills.

Counting all these coins or bills by hand is simply out of the question for most busy entrepreneurs. Even if you own just a single gumball machine in your shop or a lone crane machine in your restaurant, you will probably want to invest in a coin counter or bill counter. This investment will save you untold hours; it will also help prevent inaccuracies in counting. Finally, having your own coin counter will save you from the tedium, the stiff fingers and necks, and the contact with myriad germs which are common hazards of counting your coins by hand.

As with our other products, we offer coin counters for the broadest possible range of budgets. Folks just starting out in the vending business or those store owners content with maintaining just the one or two machines in their shops may want to buy a machine like the PN95 Counter by EZ Count. This coin counter has a suggested retail price of $26.99, but Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. sells it for well under $25.

Do you have a large, successful vending machine business? If so, you may want to invest in a machine like the Downy-Johnson Electric Fast Count Coin Counter. This beautiful little machine counts every denomination of American change (including dollar coins) as well as tokens.

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