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Candy Vending Machines

We sell everything from the simplest Beaver gumball machines to the most high-tech, multiple unit candy vending machines at Gulf Coast Vending Service Co., and all at wonderfully low prices. Low prices are important to our customers, so they're important to us. Pleasing the customer is a philosophy that has served Gulf Coast Vending owner Richard Houp well in his 45 years in the vending machine business.

One of the best things about the vending machine business is its low start-up costs. For newcomers to the vending machine business, we sell a wide variety of machines that cost less than $50. For folks who have found their footing in the industry, and know how to earn high profits placing and maintaining a fleet of vending machines, we sell more high-tech candy vending machines.

Seasoned pros may want to check out Beaver's Single, Double Decker, or Triple Decker Tower Machines. These great-looking machines are easy to maintain, allowing vendors to sell a large volume of products--perfect for high-traffic areas. We also sell Beaver's fantastic looking Triton 16", 18" & 23" with Stand. Triple chrome plated accents help the Triton stand out to customers, while the die cast powder coated parts are both beautiful looking and wonderfully sturdy.

Vending pros often choose the Triton's extended cash box option. This option allows the unit to secure more than 1,100 quarters. The cash box can open using a different key than the one which opens the Triton for refilling. If you trust your employees to refill your machines, but you don't necessarily feel comfortable giving them access to the hundreds of dollars in the cash box, this is an ideal option.

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