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Bulk Vending Supplies

At Gulf Coast Vending Service Co., we sell many different types of vending machines and bulk vending supplies for adults. We sell Laundry Soap Machines for laundromats, Visi Coolers for offices, Bill Changers for carwashes and Laundromats, and Medic Aids for hotels, truck stops, and more. But large portions of the bulk vending supplies we sell are meant for kids.

Kids love vending machines, and vending machines tend to do extremely well wherever kids congregate. Youngsters are glad to spend 25? for a gumball, Super Ball, temporary tattoo, or a handful of candy. The profits on these items tend to be very, very high. For example, customers of Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. can purchase a case of 2,000 "Frosty Balls" Super Balls for less than $100. At a cost of about 5? per ball, and with a resale value of 25?, it only takes five simple sales to earn your first dollar.

We sell several types of Super Balls, including 27mm, 45mm, and 49mm sizes. All of our varieties are popular, but the novelty balls tend to be perpetual big sellers. Novelty Super Balls include balls designed like soccer balls and basketballs, balls that look like "Color Eye Balls," and even simple "Happy Face" balls.

If you own combination or multiple unit machines, you'll want to stock up on plenty of toy bulk vending supplies. Some of the heads of your machine can dispense sweet or salty snacks, while the others can sell tattoos, stickers, toys, Super Balls, or other novelty items for kids. Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. sells a wide variety of multiple unit machines, including the gorgeous 10 Combination Vending Machine Package, which includes 10 PN95ASSP machines with a sturdy, attractive AA45" Black Step Stand for less than $800.

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