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Bouncy Balls

We sell a wide variety of bulk bouncy balls at Gulf Coast Vending Service Co., in bags of 50, bags of 250, cases of 400--even cases of 2,000! We are a leading resource for bouncy balls, including 27mm, 45mm, and 49mm Super Balls. Most of our customers are in the market for bouncy balls to sell in their vending machines, but we sell Super Balls to other customers, as well.

If you run a dance studio, after-school program, or other program for young kids, a bulk supply of bouncy balls provides a convenient way to treat your youngsters. For instance, many teachers like to give their students goody bags for Halloween or other holidays. Why not include a Batman Begins Glow in the Dark Super Ball or a Color Eye Balls Super Ball in the bag of Halloween candies?

Check out our Bulk Products for other fun ideas for kids. Horror Teeth and Glow in the Dark Sticky Eyeballs are perfect for Halloween treats. Our 30mm Sports Puzzle Balls, or our Basketball/Baseball/Soccer Super Balls make a fun treat for the players on your sports team. Bulk bouncy balls are an inexpensive way for you to put a big smile on your students', dancers', or players' faces.

For our customers who own and maintain vending machines, bouncy balls are a perennial best seller. If you have a multiple unit vending machine, consider filling one head with candies or gumballs and the other unit with bouncy balls. Kids who aren't allowed to have sweets can spend a quarter on a Super Ball, while kids and adults alike will enjoy the gumballs, Mike-n-Ikes, or other goodies.

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