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Bouncy Ball Vending Machines

Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. sells all sorts of vending machines, including machines that dispense sodas and snacks, gumballs and nuts, and stickers and temporary tattoos. The more fun and desirable the items dispensed, the more lucrative the machine will be. For instance, nuts can be a very lucrative item when sold in bars because beer and peanuts are a classic combo. Bouncy balls in particular are among the most popular vending machine items--especially for kids.

Bouncy ball vending machines do very well in stores and other locations that are heavily trafficked by kids. You can sell bouncy balls through vending machines that sell a single item at a time, or you can sell them in combination with items like tattoos, stickers, and candy through vending machines that have multiple heads. Machines which offer more variety, like the Beaver Triton 16", 18" & 23" with Stand, cost more than simpler machines. However, they are also generally much more lucrative than single-product machines.

Consumers like to have choices, and kids are no exception. The Beaver Triton can sell three different, unique items at once, which helps it appeal to three times as many customers. Use your creativity when stocking your vending machines. Try to imagine what types of customers will pass by your machine, and which items these customers might like best. "Knowing your audience" will increase your profits dramatically.

Considering placement is important as well. By placing your bouncy ball vending machine or other machine in the ideal spot, you'll improve performance. Good spots in any location include the areas near an entrance or exit, near water fountains or restrooms, or simply near the checkout or cash register.

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