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Bill Changer Machines

We sell an exceptional variety of bill changer machines at Gulf Coast Vending Co., from the modest (Bill Changer WDB125) to the magnificent (the AC8001 Automatic Carwash Pay Station). Bill changer machines can dispense coins, bills, or tokens. Many of our bill changer machines can be set to dispense quarters only. Of course, all of the machines we sell at Gulf Coast Vending are incredibly secure. In fact, the bill changer machines we sell are comparable to safes.

The type of bill changer machine you'll want to buy will depend largely on the type of business it's going to be used for. High volume businesses like self-service car washes and Laundromats require machines with large capacities. Look for machines like the AC6000 High Capacity Dual Validator Floor Model, or its updated, slightly pricier cousin, the AC6003 High Capacity Dual Validator Floor Model.

Which machine is right for you? Will you benefit from a rear load or a front load machine? Do you need dual hoppers, or will a single hopper do the trick? If you have questions like these, please feel free to contact us directly at Gulf Coast Vending Service Co. Gulf Coast owner Richard Houp has been in the vending machine business since 1960, and his expertise is at your disposal.

To find out more about our bill changer machines and other vending machines, call us toll free at (800) 820-567. If you prefer email, contact us through our website,, or email Richard directly at We'll be more than happy to help you find the most affordable, well-made machine for your needs.

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