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Ball Gum

The vending machine business attracts first-time entrepreneurs looking for a primary source of income, as well as hardworking nine-to-fivers or stay-at-home parents looking for a secondary source of income. The vending business is exceptionally flexible; the amount of hours you put into your business each week will depend largely on how many machines you choose to maintain, and what types of products you fill them with.

For instance, maintaining many dozens of soda/snack machines amounts to a full-time job. Soda/snack machines have a limited capacity, requiring them to be refilled often. On the up side, they are also quite lucrative, and in high demand. If placed in a busy spot (say, near the elevators) of a busy office building, a single soda/snack machine can be quite profitable. These vending machines are great for folks who rely on vending as full-time work.

In contrast, gumball machines usually appeal to part-timers. Gumball machines are much easier to maintain than soda/snack machines. Depending on how many machines you maintain, and how far from your home you place them, you can easily have a nine-to five job during the week and tend to your gumball machines during the weekend. It's the perfect part-time job.

At Gulf Coast Vending Service Co., we want to make your vending experience even more positive. We're the most convenient, affordable, and reliable resource for ordering your new machines as well as your bulk products, like 19 pound bags of ball gum or cases of M&Ms.

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